These sites are some scammers' heaven!!

These sites are some scammers’ heaven!!


Some scammers will post fake reviews just to revenge!! And then stupid Google will link the review sites to your brand on the SERP. Fair??!! You take efforts to create a brand for years, but it may be ruined in just several minutes!!

I have searched several famous brands, no reviews even they are famous enough to have reviews. But some infamous, pathetic brands such as Slickstack got a lot of reviews. Strange, right??

I commonly review brands on Google play. It’s normal, right, because the review site(Google play) is near you. But I NEVER review a brand on a third-party review site for a special purpose!! Will you do that? Impossible, right?? Why NEVER review brands on a third-party review site? Because it takes time!! Because it’s far from you!! And the third-party review sites actually are not famous as well, they are absolutely redundant! The reviews on them must be fake reviews!!

These insane guys actually are very selfish trash in the society. They do nothing good to help others, just complain for little things, little mistakes that should have been forgiven by normal people. Protecting scammers is really not a good idea.