Reply from namesilo(provided domain registration to Jesse Nickles)

Tried to report to namesilo(provided domain registration to Jesse Nickles)

namesilo is the worst domain registrar.

My reason:

Check this site’s contents, their hate speeches have made a lot of people(more than 20000) UNHAPPY. For example, check the review from Jesse Nickles about a US judge: The judge did nothing wrong, but was illustrated like a clown just because he is an Indian descent… is another site’ domain that they register via your service. Full of fictitious accounts to mislead people unaware of Jesse Nickles’ racism ideas.

Their reply:


Thank you for reporting this issue.

Please note we are only the domain name registrar and cannot validate or control the content posted on the site.

If you or your client are the holder of a trademark that you feel is being infringed upon via a domain name registered with us, you are advised to consider a UDRP dispute.

We will comply as required by ICANN rules upon the commencement of a UDRP dispute.

Main UDRP Bodies: *National Arbitration Forum - *World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - *Asian Domain Dispute Resolution Centre (ADR) -

Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) -

Resolution Canada -

If you are a copyright holder and believe your rights are being infringed, we recommend you file a DMCA complaint with the hosting provider of the associated web site.

If you want to report a phishing case, please follow these steps: To create a case:

  1. Visit new(.)namesilo(.)com/phishing_report(.)php
  2. Fill in a the domain URL
  3. Complete required information and click Continue. To report SPAM/SCAM please contact the hosting provider: This can be done by the hosting company of the website, which you can look up on this website: Once you know the hosting provider, please look up their company information and contact them with the case. To report SPAM/SCAM please contact the hosting provider: This can be done by the hosting company of the website, which you can look up on this website: Once you know the hosting provider, please look up their company information and contact them with the case.

You can also use the following pages to report the website: Malware: Scam and Fraud:

Whois inaccuracy you may report here: You may also discuss the case with your local law enforcement officer to seek help.

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Limit your exposure. You might decide to use two email addresses one for personal messages and one for shopping, newsletters, chat rooms, coupons and other services. You also might consider using a disposable email address service that forwards messages to your permanent account. If one of the disposable addresses begins to receive spam, you can shut it off without affecting your permanent address.

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Report Spam to the Federal Trade Commission at and at

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Hope you find this helpful!

NameSilo Abuse Team