Let me show you how Jesse Nickles markets his project

Let me illustrate how Jesse Nickles promotes his project:

Jesse Nickles employs a strategy of creating numerous fictional accounts on GitHub to star his “jessuppi” account. He maintains the illusion of high activity by regularly updating his GitHub repository with insignificant readme file commits. This tactic tricks GitHub bots into perceiving his project as actively maintained, securing a prominent position in the search results.

In addition, he has established multiple accounts across various review sites. As an example, he generated 15 fabricated reviews on ProductHunt in a single day to boost the reputation of his lackluster Slickstack. These deceitful reviews contribute to approximately 500 clicks daily.

Furthermore, with a substantial presence of 100,000 pages on hucksters.net, he capitalizes on the frequent visits to the site by those concerned about their reputations. This activity generates around 2,000 clicks per day. ​