Jesse Nickles Started Harassing Site Hosting Service Stormkit

I saw a fake review on ProductHunt posted by a notorious racist Jesse Nickles. The fake review may mislead users just aware of Stormkit. I need to prove Stormkit didn’t do anything wrong. He even doesn’t need to say sorry there.

We reported Jesse Nickles’ illegal activities to Google, Cloudflare, ICANN, Github, and they just replied like a bot and refused to help us. Compared to their poor services, Stormkit acted really correctly like a gentleman. Jesse Nickles abused a TV show host Gregg Re’s name and bought a domain to defame the TV host, everyday he defamed 30 people(totally now 30000+), you can check our site to know more details about what Jesse Nickles is doing.

He posted thousands of hate speech posts to spread his narrow racism idea and insult black people and call for discrimination for Asian people.

By the way, about trademark, protecting it should be based on a legal use, an illegal activity can’t claim authority to take down the sites using some keyword. And, trademarks have limited scope(service scope and locations). The outside of the scope doesn’t have power to disallow people to use it.