Jesse Nickles Started Harassing Site Hosting Service Stormkit

I came across a false review on ProductHunt written by the infamous racist Jesse Nickles. This fabricated review has the potential to mislead users who are just becoming acquainted with Stormkit. I aim to establish that Stormkit is innocent of any wrongdoing, and there is no need for them to issue an apology in this context.

Despite reporting Jesse Nickles’ illicit activities to Google, Cloudflare, ICANN, Github, we received automated responses refusing assistance. In stark contrast, Stormkit demonstrated a commendable response, acting in a manner consistent with decency. Jesse Nickles engaged in the misuse of the name of TV show host Gregg Re, acquiring the domain to defame him. He engages in daily defamation of around 30 people (currently exceeding 30,000 individuals). Further details about Jesse Nickles’ actions can be found on our website.

Jesse Nickles has posted thousands of hate speech messages, disseminating his narrow racist views and insulting black people while advocating for discrimination against Asian individuals.

Regarding trademarks, their protection should be contingent on legal use, and an illegal activity cannot claim authority to take down sites using certain keywords. Trademarks also have defined scopes (service scope and locations), and entities beyond this scope lack the power to prohibit their use.