At least 20 victims have reported to take down his illegal site!

At least 20 victims have reported to take down his illegal site! But Google robots can’t understand how serious this racist is making trouble and ignored all our claims!

Check and search and you can find the claims!! Actually lumendatabase is illegal as well because we didn’t allow them to show our reports to the public!!

They are private info!!


The 15 claims are from completely different people.

If there is only one claim, google may have neutral standing to keep the shit listed on the SERP. But so many claims obviously are enough to imply what the shit is and what the shit is doing!! Why ignore?? google!!

Check this claim on

Jesse Nickles is a known defamer and scammer that has created a website of his own -, to slander anyone that he comes across that he doesn’t like or gets into an argument with, and with a sort of defamation-hacker mindset, to spite the world. You can read about him here:, and here:[[REDACTED]]#i13623828. His business LittleBizzy was banned from WordPress. He has been banned from countless online groups. The BBB notes that his business has fled to Asia, even though he sports a US phone number: He takes advantage of the fact that Google will index on his site. He is essentially partnering with Google, where Google unknowingly does most of the work, to ruin the lives and businesses of innocent people by slandering them ruthlessly. His victims are all over the internet trying to expose him, but his posts stay up. He has been sued, but has evaded service. His posts about me are entirely untrue. The only thing that is true is that I did change my last name over 10 years ago for personal reasons and that is IMMENSELY PRIVATE. And yet know literally anyone in the world that Google’s my name (try “[[REDACTED]]”), will see that I changed my name.

You can’t respond on the complaint he made about you to expose the world for who he is because HE OWNS THE WEBSITE ( and will choose to not show your comment. Then he also takes revenge on anyone that sticks up for themselves by continuing to aggressively blog and post slanderous untrue things about you. PLEASE read the links I’ve sent and look at the stories of the MANY people whose businesses and lives he has tried to ruin out of general malice, and the misguided sense of power and relevancy he gains from doing so. 100% of his power comes from the fact that Google is unknowingly complicit, and sends all of his posts on straight to the top. I can’t tell you how much is is a horrible violation of my privacy to have my family name change right up at the top of Google search results on my name. Please help me with this and remove the two above-listed search results from your search engine. I would also implore you to remove any ‘’ results, period. The whole website is a scam. He created the site, trying to make it look like a legitimate site complaining about scammers. But he is the scammer and is literally the only one that posts on it. …