A crowdfunding project for the cost of the suing case against Jesse Nickles.

We have initiated a crowdfunding project to cover the costs of the legal case against Jesse Nickles.

While this project is listed on a public platform, it is, in reality, not entirely public. Participation is limited to victims who wish to join, narrowing the scope intentionally.

After consulting with legal professionals, we estimate that the expenses for suing a U.S. resident like Jesse Nickles will exceed $10,000. Given that the victims are small businesses, this amount is substantial, though not insurmountable.

Individual lawsuits against Jesse Nickles may only result in the removal of pages related to specific victims, leaving others unaffected. To address this, we have launched a crowdfunding project that aims to collectively support all victims. Participants have the option to remain anonymous.

Our goal is to collect a total of $20,000, and if 100 victims join, each participant’s contribution would be only $200.

We have already reached out to all subscribers through a group email, but the response from victims has been limited. For security reasons, we cannot publicly share the project link. However, we will be sending another invitation next week. If you receive the email, kindly reply, and we will include you in the crowdfunding effort.